Behind the scenes

Our biggest competitive advantage is that one of our co-founders has been working in the field of women’s education since 2008 alongside a full-fledged corporate career which she gave up in 2019 to focus her attention solely on women’s education.

Asha’s mission is to empower young women in India between the ages of 18-35 years by providing coding training /education that accelerates progress to formal employment. Our focus is on stable, paid employment. We want to set up an initiative to train and upskill young Indian women (age 18 to 35) in coding, equipping them with the skills to find jobs in software development and STEM careers.

We have found that University/college courses are not geared towards developing practical work skills. Also, existing programmes in the region do not have a focus on connecting female talent with local jobs. 

There is an acute shortage of ICT professionals both locally and globally, especially women. According to the Financial Times, even established tech giants such as Facebook (19%), Google (20%), Apple (23%), Microsoft (19%) and Twitter (17%) are struggling to employ women (% show the constitution of women in workforce).

Speaking to local businesses we have found that readily available screened talent would add massive value to their HR departments since entry level positions attract hundreds of CVs. The recruitment process (including the probationary period) often sets companies back thousands of dollars, and this doesn’t include cost of training. By the end of 2022 we expect these businesses to pay for this talent